Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Conversation

Today I made contact. With the window open ever so slightly,

I said,
"Psst. Pssst. Hey! Hey, over here."

Frank the squirrel turned and looked at me curiously.

"Uh, yeah, hi, what do you want?" Frank the squirrel asked excitedly.

I thought for some time how else to describe how a squirrel might speak. Frank talks so fast you can hardly understand him. Like hes had about 6 and a half cups of coffee. Excitedly is all I can come up with to describe this hyper twitchiness.

So I said to him,
"I've seen you around. You wanna come over? I have a bunch of other friends over and we need a 4th person to play pinochle so we can play teams."

Frank looked at me somewhat nervously.
"You normally look at me hungrily, drooling and licking your lips. Uh, are you sure you aren't trying to invite me over to be dinner?" Frank quickly said and began to back away.

"Hey, wait come back, I don't even know your name!" I said frantically.

"My name is Charles. But most people call me Charlie." Frank the squirrel said.

"Can I call you Frank? I had a really good friend some time ago named Frank."

Frank seemed to think about this for a moment before replying. He nodded.
"I guess so. But I'm not coming over until I know its safe," and with that, Frank the squirrel disappeared back up the tree.

Blast it. I still have much work ahead of me. But at least I made contact today.
I think in order for me to get to know Frank better, I need to find a way.

A way to get outside.

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  1. It seem that Charlie- er I mean Frank is not quite so dumb. You better come up with a plan me thinks.