Monday, March 22, 2010

"An Outside Adventure"

I got outside yesterday afternoon. I was hoping to find Frank. Well, needless to say, I got in quite a bit of trouble instead.

I saw this van...

Pretty sweet, huh? Well I looked around and thought, hey, I got my drivers license for driving my barbie car... why not? Just my luck, there were keys in the car, so I just hopped in... I briefly looked around inside, and then started the van. Hm, heres when I got in trouble. The owner came out and stared right at me. Then said "HEY! Get outta there! Scat!"
I was terrified! So, I put the van into drive... Yes, into drive... when I should have put it in reverse. The owner of the van jumped outta the way! I was meowing/screamed in terror as the buildings on either side of the van approached!

A lady carrying a laundry basket threw it in the air and screamed as she lunged out of the way as well. Her basket hit the windshield and covered it with many bright colored clothes. At this point, I couldn't see anything at all. Everything was just a big bright, blurry mess. Then, I saw it... I luckily jumped out the door just before impact... I think the picture speaks more than words ever could... But I didn't get wet or hurt thank goodness... only thing that was hurt was my pride in my leet driving skills. Least I didn't get caught, lol.