Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Hello my adoring fans! I apologize for being MIA for the last couple of months, but I have been having the most fun with a game.

A game called The World of Warcraft.

I have been playing every day for about 10 hours a day. My sleep routine has been interrupted and I sleep every moment I am not playing. I really love that game! I have a Tauren character, she is so uber. I am in the best raiding guild on the server. I raid every evening. It has been so much fun. I play a warrior/fighter class. I lead the raid when we go into battle. I have become so good at raiding.

This last week I haven't been able to play my game. My subscription has run out and I haven't been able to get my Mommy's credit card to renew it. I have been bouncing non-stop off the walls. Trying to figure out what to do with myself. I sleep and dream about killing Frank a lot, but I haven't seen Frank outside lately. I think he may have moved.

I am so bored.
So so bored...
I must.
I must raid something! I can't stand this anymore.
Then it came to me.
There is one thing I can do.
There is... one thing... I can RAID!

I must be ever so quiet.
And ever so stealthy.
I am going to raid...

The Fridge!

I did figure out how to open the door. There is turkey in there, after all. Sometimes when I want just the meat, I help myself...
But this time, it was going to be different.
I wanted EVERYTHING in the fridge.

I wait until after Mommy and Daddy to go bed. It is very dark for hoomans, but not for me. I see everything.
I stalk my way into the kitchen and jump up onto the counter. Very carefully I start to shove against the door in just the right spot. The door pops open.

The raid has begun.

I jumped into the fridge, my eyes narrow in focus. I found some turkey, and quickly devoured all of it. I then found some yogurt containers and went for those as well.
Everything was going according to plan, until the jar of mayo fell out onto the floor. Blasted tail! Always betraying me in the worst possible moment!
Mom then awoke from her slumber and aggroed on me.
This picture shows me in my full raiding glory. I was eating spaghetti when this picture was taken.

Well, I suppose there's always another day.
Another day.
Another raid...
I miss World of Warcraft! :(