Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ninjas VS Pirates

Hello my followers! Yes, I know I haven't been around lately, and for that I apologize. My mommy has been busy playing WoW. Just about every waking moment shes on there. I would like to sum up what it was like when I asked my mommy if I could use the computer.

That's exactly what she said! Anyways...
Now that Mommy and Daddy had their anniversary, they have been going out and doing stuff.

So now it is time for me to record some of my adventures! Hang on tight, guys! It's going to be a bumpy ride!!

So I debated long and hard about this one... Ninjas or Pirates? Ninjas or Pirates? I decided to go with pirates for now, and to possibly revisit ninjas in the future.

On Wednesday afternoon, Mommy and Daddy took off to spend an evening out. I decided to take the Bart to San Fransisco. I rented a small boat and headed out into the bay.

I decided, "Hey, I'm going to need a bigger boat if I'm going to be successful at all as a pirate. I also need a crew." I stole myself a cruise ship headed for Mexico, and put everyone down in the cargo hold. Most of the food was down there anyways. I let hostages go once I got to Mexico. I went into a bar in a small town with no name. And began to recruit for my mission. My mission... was to take out the Sea Shephards, and show them what it really means to be a pirate.

I met lots of unusual characters during the recruitment process. But I ended up with nine crew members. Their names are:
Jackman, Black Bart, Nutt de Leon, Squeeks, Neptunes Revenge, Calico Jack, Vicious Frank (not to be confused with my neighbor Frank), Pugwash the Bloody, and my First Mate, Nosegoop.
Here is my crew:

Now that I've got my crew, we need a pirate ship. I want a big one like the Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean. We were able to hitch a ride on an arctic fishing vessel, and we took over the ship. The original crew? Duh! We are pirates here, not media whores! Those bastards walked the plank. I now name this ship the "Turkey of the Sea". Here is our flag:

Now that I've got my ship and my crew, I just need to get down into the Antarctic, and show Paul Watson and the rest of the Sea Shephards exactly what is going on here. Pirates are cold, murdering, brutes, not vegan pansies. I, Captain Feria Furball, shall command the Turkey of the Sea with my crew and bring an end to the Whale Wars! Tonight, we shall dine on whales!!

Continued next time, on my adventures! Ciao for now!