Monday, March 12, 2012

"Death by Turtles" Part 1

Hi everyone, all of my dearly devoted fans!! I have missed you all very much! I have been very busy with my new job. I won't disclose what that job is, because I know my Dad tends to read my blog. But needless to say, it is a good one!

So, this last Friday night, I was up kinda later than usual. Mom and Dad had already gone to bed, so you know it must've been pretty late. I wasn't the least bit tired, so I figured I'd browse through and watch some of the movies Mom and Dad own. I found Momma's Asian horror collection, figured "Why not?!" and popped Ju-On: The Grudge into the DVD player.

2 hours later:

I am my Momma's daughter.

Those movies are something else though, I tell ya. I am afraid of no beast, cept for turtles, but those big black eyes and pale skin... *shivers* They remind me... well, of turtles to be honest.

Soooo scary! :(

More to come soon!