Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Long Awaited Update! :D

Hello all!!! Guess whose back?!

Yes, yes, it is I, Captian Feria Furball of the confiscated Turkey of the Sea!! My oh my, how I miss my boat, and how I miss all my friends from the sea.

I miss all of you. Last I heard good ol Jackman was caught stealing lunches and was shot with a tranquilizer dart and put in the San Francisco Zoo.

Black Bart, still just as cool as ever (cool as in a sell-out dog that murders people on the high sea. He is one of the only dogs I will ever tolerate). Last I heard from Black Bart, he was robbing banks outside of Pittsburgh. 
(glasses used to hide his identity)

Nutt de Leon! What a crazy guy. He's in some monastery in Tibet . He thought that the ghost of Lizzie Borden was haunting him. He's found inner peace that some of us only dream to find!

Squeeks, my old chap! He's taken up modeling! His long legs are his big selling point, but he's constantly asked to lose weight in his midsection. Here is one of his more risque shots. Stunning!

Neptune's Revenge... ahh. The only other female to accompany me on the high seas. Her and I never did get along too well. Last I heard she was working as a waitress in a truck stop... how dull!

Calico Jack! Calico Jack! I see him every day. He still wanders around the apartment complex where I live, and plays cards with me and Pugwash sometimes.

Vicious Frank decided to join the military and was sent overseas. Vicious Frank died on a Thursday. It was a warm and sunny day. It's sad, because who would remember just a squirrel? A squirrel that gave his life for his country. I will remember you, Vicious Frank, not to be confused with Frank the Squirrel!!

Pugwash the Bloody also hangs out and plays cards with me. The little fella has grown up quite a bit. He spends most of his days drinking now, and smoking. Bleh, I refuse to let him smoke when we play cards together. *cough cough* I think I can even smell him smoking now.

And last, and definitely LEAST, First Mate Nosegoop. WHY OH WHY DID I CHOOSE A DOG FOR A FIRST MATE?! Freaking sell-outs! Anyways, I won't even tell you what HE'S been up to. I'll let you guys guess!

Wow, it's pretty amazing all of the different paths that they have taken! And then there's me! What have I been up to? Well let's see... I have found a new way to express myself, and a way I can go on more adventures without ever having to leave the house!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you!
Feria's YouTube Channel!

I hope to see you all there! And to those of you coming here from over there, I say a mighty hello and welcome! Please look around my blog and read up on some of my many adventures if you so desire!

Have fun guys! and I shall update more later!

- Captain Feria